Pair To Your Mobile Phone:

  • The distance between the Bluetooth headset and your mobile phone would be better within 1 meter when pairing, the closer is better.
  • Ensuring the headset is on.
  • Pressing still the Multifunctional Button , sustain 6 seconds ,frist the blue light flashing, until you see the blue light and red light flash , then release the button.
  • Set your Bluetooth phone to “discover” the headstet by following your phone’s instruction guide. The steps involve going to a”setup”, “connect”,or “Bluetooth” menu on your phone and then selecting theoption to “discover” a Bluetooth device.
  • Your phone will find the headset and ask if you want to pair with it. Confirming this by pressing “yes” or “ok”.
  • Enter password “0000”, then press “yes” or “ok”.

Note: The pairing generally takes about 60 seconds. If unsuccessful, the blue indicator light flashes slowly, and then you need to reattempt pairing (see steps 4-6).  Turning off the headset by pressing the button sustain 4 seconds.

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